Solomon Coral Figure

A very rare grave marker reportedly known as Vekuveku in the form of a stylized humanoid figure. Certain myths relate Vekuveku to an ancestral flying fox (a large fruit eating bat) which was solicited in times of warfare or for fertility issues. Vekuveku is the who brought fruit and water to the island of Marovo. The zoomorphic head which can represent the canine features of the flying fox is strongly reminiscent of the nguzunguzu canoe prow ornaments and might be related as well to the myth of the dog that taught the people how to build their great war-canoes. Olovotu Tribe, Marovo Lagoon, Roviana Island, Solomon Islands, Melanesia. Coral-rock with a fine patination of age and exposure. 68 x 22 x 23 cm. 19/20th century or earlier.

Literature: Exhibited : L’ÉCLAT DES OMBRES - L’Art en noir et blanc des îles Salomon, Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, 18/11/14 – 01/02/15.