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Member of Syndicat National des Antiquaires
Member of Chambre Européenne des Experts d’Art
Member of Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels
en Œuvres d’Art et Objets de Collection
Member of the André Breton scientific committee

Anthony JP Meyer, with over 35 years of experience in the field of Oceanic Art, offers in-depth knowledge and an acclaimed « eye ». His expertise is recognized by the market place and the academic world and he is a member of two respected guilds of experts.

Like a doctor or a lawyer, an appraiser makes his living by selling his knowledge. Written evaluations, appraisals, and opinions are charged – for collections, or groups of objects, a global flat rate can be arranged. Travel and expenses such as the cost of outside experts or scientific tests are charged at cost. All the most current scientific techniques such as Carbon-14, scanning, thermo-luminescence, microanalysis, and x-ray are used, as well as calling upon specialized academics, restorers, and experts in various fields where needed.

Please understand that appraisals and evaluations cannot be done based on digital or digitally transmitted images. However, digital imagery is usually sufficient to see whether or not an appraisal or an evaluation is worth the while.

If you would like to have an Art-Work appraised or authenticated please contact Anthony JP Meyer. You can send digital images, and relevant information in your possession (size, material, provenance, condition etc.) along with your full name and telephone number to Anthony JP Meyer :

With regard to general services the Gallery offers the contacts of expert restorers, base-makers, shippers, insurance specialists and photographers. Anthony JP Meyer is available to view pieces, offer advice and arrange for your buying and selling at auction, as well as privately and by consignment.