Malekula Dance Wand

A dance-wand carved with horned human figure surmounting a small face. Nothing remotely similar seems to be published and one can only surmise that this wand was used in ceremonies related to cult activities or those of a secret society. Malekula Island, Vanuat, Melanesia. Wood with pigments. 64 x 3.8 cm. 19th/20th century. Exhibited : ART du/of VANUATU, Galerie Meyer, Paris. 1998. Illustrated : Meyer, Anthony JP.: ART du/of VANUATU. Catalogue d'exposition. Galerie Meyer, Paris. 1998, fig. 6, p. 12.

Literature: The iconography is identical to the large ceremonial post illustrated in Meyer, ART du/of VANUATU, 1998, N° 7.