An Anthropomorphic Spoon

Literature: Illustrated in the catalogue of SURRÉALISME & ARTS PRIMITIFS - Une révolution du regard. Fondation Pierre Arnaud, Lens (Switzerland) 19 june 2014 – 5 october 2014.

This anthropomorphic spoon is carved with a slightly fluted, stylized body and protruding shoulders. There are two parallel lines engraved diagonally on the back which end to the front forming stylized hands gripping the edges of the body to either side. The other extremity was carved as a split "jaw" for the insertion of, possibly a slate blade, and while one side of the jaw is missing the other shows the lashing space. Punuk Culture, Alaska. Mineralized Walrus tusk. Old illegible label on the back. 13.6 cm. C. 600 – 900 AD.