Body Armour

Fly River, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia. Woven cane. 42,5 x 36,5 x 29 cm. 19/20th century.

Provenance Collected in the field prior to 1910. Ex coll. : P.L. collection c. 1910; L.R. Hornshaw (1903-85), eldest son of B.L. Hornshaw, Australia; presented to a subsequent owner by L.R.H. on 14/3/1935. With a paper label stating “Cuirass or corselet, body protector against arrows Fly River New Guinea 1910, Pres. By L.R.H 14.3.35” on one side and “Body protector, Fly River New Guinea from P.L. collection (1910), Pres. By L.R.H. 1935” on the other.

A rare cuirass or body-armour made of plaited cane.