ARTCITY the new On-Line Art-Fair

October 17, 2020

ArtCity is new way of collecting art on-line from your desk or on the go!

ArtCity is a virtual Art-Fair offering for your perusal and acquisition the masterworks exhibited by a select group of renowned dealers. Each gallery is housed in its own digital building in a virtual, bespoke Art City which you can visit by clicking on the different buildings. You can tour each gallery display through the high resolution 360° photographs. By clicking your cursor on the artworks, you can select the ones that are of interest and the pertinent information will pop-up in separate windows. There is even a window where in you can actually call the exhibitors cell phone directly and speak to the dealer in real-time about the work and acquire it. ArtCity  offers  Ancient Art, Tribal Art, Modern Art, Furniture, Old Masters, Contemporary Art, Jewellery... ArtCity is open to the public from 23-28 October on a 24 hour basis.