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Christie's - La Biennale AUCTION

September 23, 2020

LA BIENNALE PARIS - In partnership with Christie’s
Online Auction 24 September – 8 October

Galerie Meyer - Oceanic & Eskimo Art is pleased to be one of the 42 world-renowned galleries from 8 countries, presenting over 90 exceptional works of art across 4,000 years of art history – all in 1 major online art fair.

Bidding for the online edition of La Biennale Paris opens 24 September through 8 October. Join antique dealers and gallerists in their virtual booths, and discover the art and objects on offer this season. With just one click, you can take a closer look at each piece, get in touch with the gallery for more information, and bid on your favourite item on our digital platform. Organised in association with the Syndicat National des Antiquitaires, this is an unmissable event in the 2020 cultural calendar.

For the first time ever the Art-Works offered by the dealers participating in the auction are on view only in the galleries !!

Please drop in during the viewing hours or make an appointement to see the beautiful pieces that I am offering and to discuss them with me...