One Week in Basel : Pop - Up Exhibition

One Week in Basel : Pop - Up Exhibition

I am so very pleased to be able to return to Basel and to invite you to visit the PoP-Up exhibition that is organized in conjunction with my estimed collegues Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art and Aurel Scheibler during the ARTBasel week.

I will be exhibiting a beautiful selection of archaic and important Oceanic and Eskimo Art along with the superb 20th and 21st century paintings and sculptures of my co-exhibitors.

I look forward to the pleasure of your visit...

You will find us located on the Muensterplatz in the heart of the old city of Basel high up on the hill just across the plaza from the cathedral and the Museum der Kulturen.

Where : Angela Berney Fine Art, Andlauerhof, 17 Muensterplatz, Basel.
When :
Grand Opening : Monday 11 am - 7pm
Tues-Sat : 9:30 am - 7 pm
Sunday : 9:30 am - 5 pm
and of course by appointment

Provenance A superb and unique Bride-Price money-role or teau (tevau) composed of a long composite fiber band covered with thousands of red feathers of the myzomela cardinalis bird. Upwards to sixty thousand feathers are used to make a complete teau, which are taken from some ten thousand birds as each one only supplies around six to ten red feathers. The feathered band is rolled on two bark cylinders with attached seed, and shell pendants. The center of the long band is indicated on the reverse by a black fiber interwoven motif. Santa Cruz Islands, Para-Polynesia. Feathers of the Myzomèle cardinal and various fibers, shells, organic materials. 80 cm (as mounted). 19th century. Collected in the field by Reverend Richard Blundell Comins (1848-1919) probably in 1878 when he was posted in the Santa Cruz Islands as a missionary of the Anglican Melanesian Mission. Acquired from the estate of the Comins familly.

Basel Pop - Up Exposition à Bâle

Je suis très heureux de pouvoir revenir à Bâle et de vous inviter à visiter l'exposition PoP-Up qui est organisée en collaboration avec mes estimés collègues Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art de Düsseldorf et Aurel Scheibler de Berlin pendant la semaine ARTBasel.

J'exposerai une belle sélection d'art océanien et eskimo archaïque et important en miroir avec les superbes peintures et sculptures des 20e et 21e siècles de mes co-exposants.

J'attends avec impatience le plaisir de votre visite...

Vous nous trouverez sur la Muensterplatz, au cœur de la vieille ville de Bâle, sur la colline juste en face de la place de la cathédrale et du Museum der Kulturen.

Où : Angela Berney Fine Art, Andlauerhof, 17 Muensterplatz, Bâle.
Quand :
Vernissage : Lundi 11h - 19 h

Mar-Sam : 9h30 - 19 h
Dimanche : 9h30 - 17 h
et bien sur sur rendez-vous...