Okvik Figure

An exceptional, male, figurative shamanic amulet. The representation is most unusual with the deep, oval, recessed ornamentation on the stomach, chest, sides and rear. These strange, undefined decorative elements are enhanced with finely carved linear frames possibly representing tattoo. The heavy brow is indicated with fine hatching along the eyebrows and the head is tilted back in a regal pose.

Provenance Punuk Islands, Bering Strait, Alaska. Okvik culture (250 BC - 100 BC). Mineralized walrus tusk (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) with a superb deep honey colored patina of age and use. 5.4 cm. Ex. coll. : Will Channing ; Galerie. Meyer, Paris ; Jean-Paul Morin, Riec s/ Belon.

Literature: Ill. : Galerie Meyer – Oceanic Art – Parcours des Mondes 2011, fig. 19.