Sepik Amulet Figure

A very early amulet figure representing a male ancestor. He is powerfully carved standing with arms akimbo and hands to his hips. The face appears to represent a long noses ancestral spirit mask with the pointed nose and projecting brow over a pointed chin. The rear of the figure is deeply carved showing a pronounced musculature. The topknot is pierced twice and surmounts an elaborate headdress. The figure stands on a pierced section (one side now missing).

Lower Sepik, Murik Lakes, PNG, Melanesia. Soft, light wood with red ochre and dry patina of age and wear. 14,5 cm. 19th century.


Provenance Ex coll. : The CoBrA artist Eugène Brands, Amsterdam, (15 Jan. 1913 - 15 Jan. 2002). Coll. : Eugenie Brands by descent. Possibly acquired from Galerie Lemaire, Amsterdam.

Literature: Ref.: 
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