• Exhibiting in Basel

    Exhibition : June 11 - June 17, 2018

    Berney Fine Arts
    Andlauer Hof, Münsterplatz 17
    4051 Bâle
    Exhibiting in Basel
    11 - 17 June 2018

    Once again, I will be exhibiting during ART BASEL in the beautiful gallery of my friends Angela Berney Fine Arts and Jean-Francois Heim along with my Contemporary and Modern Art colleagues Beck & Eggling from Düsseldorf.

    My exhibition is composed of a number of select, important works of art from the Pacific Islands including a highly important work from New Ireland along with a large group of rare archaic Eskimo sculptures and objects from the Arctic Circle.

    The Düsseldorf gallery of Beck & Eggling. Ute Eggling and Michael Beck offer high quality works of Expressionism and 20 - 21st century masters, which has established them as a leading name in the international art market.

    Berney Fine Arts Gallery is just 50 meters from the famous Basel Ethnography Museum now known as the Museum der Kulturen, a 6-minute walk from the newly renovated Basel Kunst Museum and 15 minutes by tram N°1 from both ART BASEL and the main train station & we will be open during the ART BASEL Parcours...
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    Exhibition : December 14 - January 28, 2017

    17 rue des Beaux Arts
    75006 Paris
    An exhibition of Arms & Armour from the South Pacific
    Shields - Spears - Clubs - Knives - Ornaments
    Come and have a look
    Tuesday through Friday 2:30 to 6 pm
    Saturday 11 am to 1 pm & 2:30 to 7 pm

    December 2016 - January 2017


    With my very best wishes to all for the Holiday Season and looking forward to a wonderful New Year !!
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  • Le Peintre Gauguin a la Pointe Venus 19 Juillet 1896

    Exhibition : November 19 - December 03, 2016

    17 rue des Beaux Arts
    75006 Paris
    For the first time ever, two photos of Paul Gauguin taken during a festive picnic at Point Venus in 1896 on the island of Tahiti are on show...

    Pour la premiere fois au monde deux vues de Paul Gauguin prises lors d'un picnic festif a la Pointe Venus a Tahiti sont dévoilées...
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    Exhibition : June 14 - July 02, 2016

    Angela Berney Fine Arts
    Andlauer Hof, Münsterplatz 17
    4051 Basel

    This summer in Basel, Angela Berney Fine Arts will unveil a unique collaboration between two completely different yet complementary points of view and periods in the art world.

    Angela Berney Fine Arts is delighted to welcome two preeminent art dealers - Karsten Greve and Anthony JP Meyer – for a month-long joint exhibition. This first event is the fruit of a prolonged reflection on collaborative exhibitions of contemporary and early non western art showing the determination of the artists to make a lasting impression on their environment and the continuity of their artistic expression throughout materials, time and space.

    The moment is opportune to jointly exhibit the organic works of artist Claire Morgan and those of the early artists of the Pacific Ocean, thus continuing the tradition and importance of high quality art in the centre of the old town Basel. Indeed, this year again the old town will become the focus of attention for art lovers and collectors during ART Basel with the new Kunstmuseum and of the ART Basel Parcours on the historic Münsterplatz.

    Karsten Greve and Anthony JP Meyer together with Angela Berney seize the opportunity to draw attention to the interrelations between the worlds of art, offering a new perspective. Both dealers in accord with their host, have long appreciated the juxtaposition or intertwining of their respective art worlds. Claire Morgan’s use of animal and plant materials to create her artistic and spiritual world relates directly to the early tribal belief systems which transcend available materials into the physical representations of their spiritual world.

    Angela Berney Fine Arts is located on the Münsterplatz just across from the great Münster Cathedral and next to the Museum der Kulturen.
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    Exhibition : June 02 - June 25, 2016

    Galerie Meyer - Oceanic Art
    17 rue des Beaux Arts
    75006 Paris
    The white cloth backdrop in many of Martin Schreiber's self-portraits, staged in the luxurious fertile countryside of the Perche region of France, is of course reminiscent of Irving Penn's photographs from the 1970 expedition to Papua New Guinea - but more importantly to the very first photos of Papuans taken by German ethnologists and anthropologists at the beginning of the 20th century.

    There on the hot and humid banks of the Sepik River they set up their chemical vats, tripods and backdrops to photograph the indigenous people of New Guinea. Anthropomorphic photography was the craze in those heady days of colonial greed and the luminaries of European science were hell bent on trying to define the human being as racial types by photographing and measuring the native populations. Extensive use of anthropometry – the exacting measuring of the human body – was used at the time to correlate physical with racial and psychological traits thus attempting to identify the various origins or racial types of mankind. Today we know that this fallacy had no bearing.
    Schreiber, like so many of his generation of North American children, was an avid reader of National Geographic Magazine and other photographic publications that offered views of a world unknown to most - other then from the engraved plates of early travel and geography books. At the time most photographs were still published in B/W and the stark dark bodies of the "natives" against the pure white backdrop made for dramatic images capable of firing up the imagination of a youth dreaming of adventure.

    When I first saw Schreiber's self-portraits I too was taken back to my childhood dreams of wandering the world, encounters with wild animals and "strange" civilizations. I also felt immediately at ease with his images. They are a contemporary version of the 19th century ones and there is a definite sense of self derision which, in its self is comforting and yet compels you to wonder why Schreiber put himself into these images and strangely - why do they ring a bell deep in the subconscious…

    These self-portraits – never really intended for public viewing - are exhibited here for the first time. Along side the photographs I will offer a selection of fine and early Oceanic Art works - exhibited as a punctuation and reminder amongst Schreiber's self-portraits - showing the ancestral representations that the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands produced to bear witness to their belief in the powers of their forefathers.
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    Martin Hugo Maximilian Schreiber